Yorkvilles Elite series are top of the line hi spec cabs made from 5/8 birch ply, and top quality components.
Elite cabs are renound for their crystal clear, warm sound and hi spl, and are used in many hi spec PA rigs, theatres and auditoriums.
Elites have super rugged construction and high reliability and are available in black carpet or black urethane finish.
All passive cabs have hi frequency protection, and all powered cabs are bi amped..(excluding subs of course).

All top cabs are trapezoid , dual function , (front of house / lie flat monitor), and all except the 10” cabs have rotable horn / wave-guides.
All top cabs have fly points for easy rigging and are designed to work well side by side in arrays, either flown or ground stacked.

The subs are super hi spl and musical sounding and outperfom many competitors products costing much more.