The convenience, lighter weight and small 'footprint' of a box mixer with the tilt-back visibility and channel control access of a desk mixer makes these new 'wedge' mixers an ideal high power, high quality powered mixer solutions. High-powered high-efficiency class-H power amplifiers, newly designed input strips, on-board DSP, a new, more effective master EQ section and ten very useful and usable input channels complete the new 'wedge' mixer packages.

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Number of Channels 10
Mono Channel EQ Low, Mid, High
Stereo Channel EQ Low, Mid, High
Channel Effects All Channels
Monitors Effects Yes
Balance Controls Ch. 7 – 10
Pan Controls Ch. 1 – 6
Channel Overload Protection Ch. 1 – 6
Inputs – XLR (bal) 8
Inputs – 1/4″ 10
Inputs – RCA (unbal) 1 Pair
Mute Switches Global 1 – 8
Activity / Solo LED Trim Set Ch. 1 – 6
Clip / Mute LED All Channels
Phantom Power 48V + LED Indicator
Internal Effects 24 Bit stereo, 16 Effects with Parameter Pot
Auxiliary Sends Effect – Monitor
Effects Send Yes
Effects Return Internal
Effects Return to Main Yes
Effects Return to Monitor Yes
Reverb / Effects Footswitch Yes
Record Outputs Stereo RCA Pair
Max Gain to Line Out -Mic Input (dB) 84
Max Gain to Line Out -Line Input (dB) 82
Master EQ -1 (type/Channels/Range -dB) Graphic 9 band (160hz-6.3khz) +2 band Shelving
Monitor EQ -1 (type/Channels/Range-dB) Graphic 9 band (160hz-6.3khz) +2 band Shelving
Main Outputs (Line Level) 2 x 1/4inch TRS
Main Amp Inputs (Line Level) 2 x 1/4inch TRS
Monitor Outputs (Line Level) 1 x 1/4inch TRS
Outputs – Amp A – 1/4″ Jacks 2
Outputs – Amp A – Speakon 4-pin 1
Outputs – Amp B – 1/4″ Jacks 2
Outputs – Amp B – Speakon 4-pin 1
Mixer – Signal to Noise Ratio (dB) 101
Mixer – Freq Resp (Tone and EQ Flat,±2dB) 20 – 20,000
Mixer- Input Ref Noise to line out @150 Ohms(dBv) -119
Mixer THD (Main out w/ -10dB input) 0.0001
Amp A-Power Output@8 Ohms (0.1 PER THD 1kHz) 600
Amp A – Power Output @ 4 Ohms 800
Amp A – Power Output -other 600 @ 2 ohms
Amp B-Power Output@8 Ohms (0.1 PER THD 1kHz) 600
Amp B – Power Output @ 4 Ohms 800
Amp B – Power Output -other 600 @ 2 ohms
THD – 1kHz (dB) 0.001
THD – 20Hz-20kHz (dB) 0.005
Hum and Noise (un / Aweight -dB) -101
Typical crosstalk -1 kHz (dB- better than -60db
Input Impedance – Bal/Unbal (Ohms) 20k / 10k ohms
Input Sesitivity (Vrms Sine) 1.4
CMRR @ 60Hz (min/typ) -37db / -60db
Max Votage Gain (dB) 32
Power Consumption (typ/max) 6.4A @ 60hz / 3.3A @ 50Hz
Protection Thermal, Short Circuit, Current, Clip
Cooling 2 x 80mm Fans
Transformer Type Toroidial
Finish Grey and Black Powder Coat
Chassis Construction Steel and Aluminum
Rackmount Yes (Kit Available – 6U)
Other Features Tiltback or Upright Wedge Angles
Dimensions (DWH, inches) 11.1 x 18.6 x 11
Dimensions (DWH, cm) 28 x 47 x 28
Weight (lbs/kg) 31.3 / 14.2

10 Channels
800 watts per channel @ 4 ohm (Assignable Left/Right or Main/Monitor)
Gold plated dual contact XLR connectors (all channels)
TRS balanced inputs (dual inputs for stereo channels 7/8 and 9/10)
“Set” LED’s for easy and proper adjustment of Trim control
3 bands of EQ on channel strips
9 band graphic EQ for each output with shelving EQ for precise control
Built in Digital Effects
Footswitch jack for bypassing effects
Mute switch (channels 1-8) for quick change-over between band and DJ
Dual RCA Tape/CD In and Rec Out jacks
Optional RK1610 rackmount kit (6U)
Made in Canada