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Michael Murphy

“Becks and I play a lot of corporate functions, weddings and parties and the venues and crowd numbers can vary greatly in size. We need a system that is light and portable, easy to set up yet still has enough power to fill a bigger venue and keep people on the dance floor all night. The PS10P’s do exactly that. They are light, super easy to set up yet they sound amazing! We often do our own sound so it is important that we have a system that sounds great without a genius sound technician behind the desk. The PSP10P’s have sounded amazing from the first moment we plugged them in, so we will be loyal Yorkville customers for many years to come!”

Michael Murphy NZ Idol Finalist and Artist
Mark Petersound

“The Kings Arms is probably Auckland’s busiest venue for live bands, and our Yorkville system was installed by Paul Crowther around 9 years ago.

We have only had one repair to date, after a musician poured Coke down a monitor horn.
Other than that we’ve not had 1 failure, and this system in the KA works very hard, many times per week, and with loud NZ and international bands, it gets pushed.
It has a lot of grunt, warm sounding, with huge tight bass and clear articulate mid range and tops, and its easy to mix on…. we are known for always getting a great sound.”
Mark Petersound Long Time Sound Engineer For The Kings Arms Tavern
Patu Colbert

“1814 has been running the Yorkville TX system for the past 6 years. 2 tops and 3 subs per side, with all Yorkville amps and the DLMS4080 digital processor. We love the warm sound of the bi-amped 3 way TX tops and the double 18 TX subs give us the huge reggae bass response we need.

Our Yorkville system has been super reliable, not 1 amp or FOH cab has ever failed not even 1 FOH driver has had to be replaced. It travels a lot and we work it hard.

This system has exceeded our expectations.”

Patu Colbert Founding Member Of 1814
Jasper Hawkins

“I play acoustic music and have recently purchased the PS12P Yorkville speakers for use in live settings. The bottom end is great and clear given that I am not using a sub and I haven’t found anything that beats them for clarity of sound at such a great price. I’ve even used them with a 3-piece band for functions (200 people) and had no problem filling the room and have had numerous comments about how good the sound was. I highly recommend these speakers if you’re after a clear, rich acoustic tone.”

Jasper Hawkins Artist
Keith Prictor

“I have been a service technician for Yorkville and Traynor gear for many years and I believe it is the most reliable gear on the market.

Being Canadian made, it is well designed, really well built and sounds warm and full.
Because there are electronics involved, there can be component failures at times and if we do get a problem, the local importers are always helpful with supplying parts, speaker recone kits, boards, circuit diagrams, and service data.”
Keith Prictor Service Technician And Musician